Another Milestone...

Katie is off on her first sleepover.
Her friend, McK, asked her along on a family trip to a water park to celebrate her birthday.
They'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

I'm having mixed emotions. I'm proud that she is confidant enough to go off without the family, but ... she's just a BABY!

She has pronised me that she will listen to Mrs. G. ,  be polite, and be a good girl.

it's just one of those Mommy thijngs, I guess.


Still Here...

I haven't posted for over a month. Sorry.

Life has been busy, and wonderful, and awfull, and sick and tired and fun.

School is heading towards its end rapidly.

Last weekend I went so far out of my comfort zone that I couldn't see it from there.

I'll writemore soon.

I promise.



Julie is having a reaction to the amoxicillian. She has a rash. Little pink spots all over her body.
She is grumpy.
She insists her teeth are "slippy".
I don't even know what that means.
Katie is trying to help and making things work.

It is not easy being the moptjher of TWO Queens of the Universe.

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We started the day with a trip to the dentist. Julie, Katie and I all had cleaning and check-ups.
Julie has a cavity that needs to be filled.
Dr. Lange wants katie to have her new molars sealed.
I'm fine.
Thank God for floridated water and good genes.

We did 5 loads of laundry today. But not much else.
I slept poorly, probably due to the presence of two wiggly little girls in the bed and the absence of big, comfy husband.
I was droopy all day

I hope to sleep better tonight.
Tomorrow will be very busy.

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Strep Sucks...

But Amoxicillin  is awesome!

One pill and I have half my energy back.
My throat is still quite swollen and hurts when I swallow, but less than before took the pill.
And I expect more improvement tomorrow.

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Winter Wonderland...

The phone rang at 4:51 this morning. I managed to find it in the dark. It was the school district's phone robot letting us know that school was closed due to the snow that hadn't started falling yet.
Katie is fretting.This week her class is celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday. Today they were covering The Cat In THe Hat and were supposed to dress in red and white. She carefully assembled her outfit and is very disapointed that she can't show it off. She can wear it tomorrow, but that's an eternity away when you are 6.
Shortly, I have to go out to put gas in the car, return the library books, bring back some liquid caffein and finally have a couple of minutes alone.
I really NEED a couple of minutes alone.

ps: I still hate what they've done to the spell checker.
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Well, I Was Having A Good Day...

Then I tried to use the spell checker.
It seems to randomly remove letters and mess around with the curser placwement for no appearant reason.
I aplolgise for the randomness of my spelling.

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Starships Were Meant To Fly...

Roper has gone off to Consonance so we're having a chick-power weekend.
We had brunch at Gail's Carriage House.  The girls were perfect ladies.
From there we went to Target to look for Easter outfits. Cute dresses were aquired as were the rest of the parts we needed for Katie's outfit for red and white day.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing pirate and rearranging the toy shelves.
The "toybox" (read big pile of toys  randomly tossed about in the corner) was out of control. Roper ordered a couple of folding book cases to go in said corner and I am trying to assemble and arrange tubs and baskets of the appropriate sizes so that things will have a specific spot and can be put away.
(THis also gives mean excuse to go through the toys and dispose of some when nobody is looking.)
It's an ongoing project.
 Now I'm going to order Chinese food, and in a rare moment of absent husband, have it delivered.
And I can order the regular egg rolls instead of the veggie ones since Roper, who is allergic to shrimp, isn't here to get puffy and blotchy.
Ah, the luxury!

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Today's Adventure...

The weather of the last couple of days had left copious amounts of mud in our yard.
Little girls have left copious amounts of mud in my house.
They are in the shower.
Their clothes are in a basin to soak, and I am in a mood.
Once the girls are clean and dry I will go remove the mud from my floors and walls.

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