Movie Night...

Tonight was movie night at the school.  We trundeled over with lawn chairs and quilts. The movie was The Croods.  What I could see and hear of it was pretty funny, but I missed a lot. We're going to have to rent it some time.
Mostly I watched the ebb and flow of kids.  katie was on a mound of blankets and pillows with her little friends. Julie split her time between Katie's crowd, a couple of her own classmates, and daddy's lap.

We got home in time to see the Cardinals win game 6, 9 to 0.
They took the pennant and are headed to the World Series.

Julie is asleep on mommy's bed and Katie is downstairs with daddy, watching the post game revelry. (Or, most likely, asleep in daddy's lap.

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The Phlegm Queen Resurfaces...

Hi, folks.

Sorry it's been so long since I posted.
I have beern sick.  I picked up a respiratory bug at the end of August, and have been hacking my way along ever since.
It has seriously sapped my energy. Some days it was all I could do to get the girls off to school and sit in the comfy green chair, trying not to cough, until it was time to pick them up. I pulled a muscle in my back with that cough. Then I picked up a case of pink eye.

Seven weeks, two doctor visits, and three prescriptions later I am better, but I still cough alarmingly when I exert myself, have not yet returned to wearing my contacts after the pink eye, and get really tired really easily.

But, time and tide wait for no one and things are very busy in the Roper house. I have costumes to make and stuff I am helping Roper with for Windycon.
I just spent 25 minutes on the phone with the IL dept or revenue take care of an ISFIC Press thing.  Most of that time was on hold. Angry Birds can come in handy.
And in half an hour I have to go pick up the girls. Then I have to supervise homework and make dinner and ...

I'm going to try really hard to go this long without posting ever again.


Dinner Out...

We went out to TGI Friday's to celebrate our anniversary. I had a coupon.
Katie complained all the way there that she didn't like TGI F's and wanted to go to a "fancy" place as we were celebratintg.
Until we got there and she discovered cheesecake on the menu.
Then it was plenty fancy for her.


The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life...

is rapidly approaching.
School starts for Katie on Monday. Yesterday we delivered her school supplies and met her teacher.
Mrs. O'Brian seems very nice.

This weekend I have to get Julie's supplies sorted and packed, and a lot of laundry done.
It is also the last days the pool is open. Weather permitting, we expect to go bo Saturday and Sunday.

We are schedualed to meet with the Kindergarten teachers Monday.  Julie is doing extended day K so she has two teachers to meet.
Mrs. Schaeffer is the K teacher at our home school, Terrace. Julie has already met her as Katie had her last year.
Julie will be doing afternoons at the Early Learning Center. Her teacher was one of Katie's last year. I have met Ms. Minella, but I don't think Julie has.
Kindergarten starts Wednesday. It's going to be interesting.

Tuesday afternoon Julie has an appointment with a pediatric dentist. She still needs to get that molar fixed.

Wednesday morning Roper will walk the girls accross the soccar field and the next great adventure will begin.

Crap, I said I wasn't going to cry.

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Back-To-School Shopping...

I have never been a shoe bunny. There have been times inmy life when all I had was a pair of dress flats and a pair of gym shoes.
Right now, due to my knee issues, I pretty much live in my new ballance 577s.
Some how, both my daughters are shoe bunnys.
After lunch today we went over to Payless to pick up new gym shoes for Katie. I figured we could hand down Katie's last-year shoes to Julie.
Ha ha ha, silly me.  By the end of much looking, trying on, sulking, and dancing each of them cameout with two pair., a pair of athletic shoes that may or may not be worn in the gym and another pair just because4 they are cute.
Katie has a pair of sparkly gold ballet flats and Julie has a pair of Perry The Platypus sandals.
At least they were on sale.


Wet Wet Wet...

Yesterday was the last day of swimming lessons.
For the last two weeks we have gotten up at "schooltime" to trundle over to the pool for class.
Julie was in swimming kindergarten as she is still 5.
Katie was in the Level 1 Red Cross program class.
Each of them had friends from school in their class so it was extra fun.
Katie passed her class so she can take level two next summer.
Julie did so well that her teachers recomended that she advance to Level 1 this summer even  though she isn't 6 yet.
I'm one proud mommy!

As a graduation exercise Katie's class got to go down the drop slide. She was hooked.
 She has been going down the big slide at the water park since last summer, but that dumps you out into a pool 3' deep.
The drop slide pool is 12'. (twice as tall as daddy.)
She begged us to be alowed on the drop slide at the water park, but I was concerrned about the depth.  Roper told her she could do the drop slide when she could swim the width of the big pool in the deep end without help.  We figured that would shut her down as she isn't so motivated to do  hard things.
Ha, Ha, she fooled us. She grabbed daddy, pulled him over to the deep end and showed him.  Accross the width twice. (with a rest in between.)

Julie has just reached 42", the minimum height for going down the big slide. That is now her favorite thing.
So I kept watch on Julie as she orbited the big slide route and Daddy supervised over at the deep pool as Julie went down both the low and high drop slides and both diving platforms. Over and over.

Katie's certificate says she is very comfortable and confidant in the water.
They both are.
And that's a Good Thing.


Things You Notice At The Swimming Pool...

We went to the pool this afternoon. It was really crowded. We had to wait about 15 min to get in because it was at capacity. And that was at 4:30. I expect the line was a lot longer earlier in the day.
Teenage girls dress funny. I do not understand the functionality of layering two tank tops over your bikini top. Espically when the water has stretched the tops out so they look two sizes too big.
On the other hand, I think that enormous jams on little boys are cute.
And jams, in general, are way better than speedos.

And you notice colors. Like that shade of skin should never wear that shade of orange.
And that shade of skin should never wear ANy shade of yellow. And THAT shade of skin should get under the umbrella, RIGHT NOW!

ANd what, exactly, is the etiquette of exposed body art?  I see lots of intricate and extensive bady art. I was raised to not stare, but some of this stuff is just asking to be appreciated.

Right now, I notice I am tired and both little girls have fallen asleep without story or song.

SoI will bid you all a good night.

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