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Laundry Land Redux...

So when we last left our intrepid heroes they had just completed eight loads of laundry preparatory to leaving for a weekend of fun and frolic in Michigan. Friday morning another load was done to wash Katie's Curious George blanket that had run afoul of a soggy diaper.
Saturday night, Katie threw up her dinner. Julie followed suit a couple of hours later. They traded off barfing on mom 'till the wee hours of the morning. Roper plied them with warm flat Coke, but it didn't help much.
Katie woke up actually hungry, but Julie only took a little apple juice and a bit of waffle before soaking my second to last clean shirt.
Both girls slept most of the way home, with a brief time out for Julie to barf up the donut Roper gave her.
So as soon as we got home I threw a load into the washer including the girls blankies. A second load took care of the rest of the trip laundry. We thought we were done.
Ha ha ha...
When I took the girls up prepare for bed I discovered Fuzz Bucket had hacked up a lovely hairball on my side of the bed.
No biggie, we could change the sheets and wash them later.
Ha ha ha...
Julie was in her sleeper and drifting off to sleep all snuggled up next to mom on mom's bed when up came the watered down formula I was giving her as her bedtime bottle.
All over me and the comforter and her recently washed blankie.
So here we go again, to wash the bedding so we can go to sleep.
I am in my sixth shirt in 24 hrs. I am tired. Julie is asleep .And Katie is feeling enough better to be whining about going to bed.
Wish me luck.


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