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A Little Help Out Of The Blue...

So, there was this package that I needed to get into the mail today. And I needed to shop as we're having a few folks over tomorrow. The girls had been running around in the yard since it was sunny and fairly mild. They were still rowdy as we visited the Post Office and traversed the Jewel. I bought a bunch of evergreen bows for the Advent Wreath, and Katie picked up a bunch of peach colored tea roses. Since I promised a treat if they were good we also got some cookies (our Jewel has an excellnt bakery.) As it was still sunny and mild I decided to stop off at the cemetery where my parents are buried to say the prayers I didn't get a chance to say on All Souls' Day. The cemetary isn't far, but I managed to be stopped by two freight trains and Katie was getting restless, yelling and trying to unbuckle her harness.
I said my prayers and as an addendum I asked, "Ma, she's making me crazy today, what do I do?"
We did a quick drive-by of my grand parents and Aunt Kathleens's graves and headed home, Katie still complaining bitterly. We got stopped by another freight train and I suddenly noticed it was quiet. I looked over my shoulder and Katie was asleep. This isn't too unusual, but she generally wakes up when we pull into the garage. This time, she barely stirred as I picked her up and set her in daddy's big chair and dropped a throw over her.
Julie, who is slowly becoming resistant to naps, happily followed me upstairs to her room, walked over to the crib ad pointed. I asked her if she wanted a nap and she nodded vigorously.
So, they're both asleep and I am having a greatly needed break.
Thanks, Ma.


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