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Catching Up...

I seem to have picked up a cold. It's mostly stuffy head and a sore throat from drainage. I'm hoping tea and soup will keep me lubricated 'till it leaves. Julie has a runny nose and Katie has a cough, so maybe we're sharing a cold.

OVFF was nice. Katie loved Kidspace. The only down side was the four stitches to close the cut in Katie's eyebrow from running into one of the console tables in the long hallway to the function rooms. She was very brave through the whole thing. lindaneely was indispensable on the trip to the urgent care. She kept both girls entertained in the waiting room and minded Julie when katie was getting the stitches.

Halloween was fun despite very few Trick-or-treaters. billroper took Katie around the neighborhood and she picked up a good haul, but Julie, who was supposed to go too woke up from her nap grumpy and refused to wear her cute little dragon suit. She stayed home with me and we watched "Heffalump Halloween".

My Friend V just had eye surgery and has to spend two weeks looking down. Roper is going to mind the girls this evening while I go over for a visit. It's half price pizza night at Solarno's, so I'm bringing a pepperoni and mushroom thin crust.

I have a new icon. There is this wonderfully eccentric Disney cartoon show called Phineas & Ferb. One of the minor characters is a short, brownhaired girl with glasses. I recently discovered her name is Gretchen. So there she is.

And now, it's time for Jeopardy.


  • Question...

    Where the heck have they hidden the spell checker now?????? GHR

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  • A Question...

    Do you believe in luck? GHR

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