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Home From Conclave...

The drive home was actually quite pleasant despite two unscheduled stops for cookies. The weather was chilly but dry, a serious improvement over the trip down.

All in all it was a good time.
I was expecting a fiasco, but it all turned out all right.
Part of th difference is the hotel layout. Most of the function space is on the third floor. This floor has a large pre-function space fitted out with lots of seating groups. It is just perfect for hanging about and chatting. Conclave is small enough to actually find people. I had a number of nice conversations. There were also a number of kids of an age with Katie. She had somebody to play with. This made her happy. She was also very happy to see "Ecker" (catalana) as was I.
Roper and I were scheduled for a concert Sunday noonish. I was a bit concerned when our babysitter had a health issue and had to leave early, but Roper put together a concert set that concentrated all the songs I participated in at the beginning and we took the girls with. They were fairly well behaved and the audience was friendly and tolerant. Katie even sang along on a song or two. I finally had to take them out only a couple of songs from the end.

The only real down side was the SpaceTime show. It was our twentyith year performing and we pulled some old bits. It was fun to revisit the bits. I especially enjoyed doing "Office Romance" against vorsalaba. But the sparcity of our rehearsals showed and the energy was low.
I'm not enjoying it as much as I used to and I think I need to rethink my life upon the wicked wicked stage.

OVFF is in two weeks , the Windycon is two weeks after that.
After that I think I'm going to get into serious potty-training mode. With both girls. We don't travel again 'till March. It's time.

Well, It's after 1 am. I'm going to bed.


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