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Last Time I'll Eat at Taco Bell for a While...

Yesterday I had a taco salad from Taco Bell for lunch. Last night I developed digestive adventures. I went to work this morning anyway. We were short handed and I figured if the worst of it was that I had to run off to the washroom periodically, I could handle it. Then the chills and sweats started. I figured I could last until balancing time when it usually quiets down. But I was typing up some IRA forms and I managed give the fellow a new social security number that looked suspiciously like his phone number. I decided I was too spacey to work and announced I was going home.
I had a good nap and woke up hungry enough to make some Mrs. Grass's Chicken Noodle Soup (my favorite I-don't-feel-good-food).
I have watched Jeopardy and up-dated Live Journal. I think I'll go and take another nap.

I just damn well better be well enough to go to FKO tomorrow!
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