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Why I love where I work

It's not the job so much as the people.

Steve is our district manager. He's 35ish, a banker all his working life, and the son of a banker. You expect bankers to be serious and dull. Well...

Steve had been in Greg-the-manager's office talking about something or other. The meeting broke up and as Steve headed across the lobby towards his own office he told Greg, "Send me an E-mail." Except he toungue tripped and it came out sounding like "e-moil." I looked at him, he looked at me, we both laughed. I responded "I don't think you can get one of those on the internet." As he passed my desk he quietly asked "What, you've never heard of www.brisdoc.com?"

And it's things like this that have kept me there for 15 years.

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