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Sorry, It's Been Busy

I apologize. It was rather rude of me to show up, and then disappear for a month.
But, it's been complex.

We went to Hawaii.

Hawaii is awesome. There are flowers EVERYWHERE! They have volcanoes and rain-forest and dessert and ...

I like the ship part of the trip too. (It was a cruse.) Roper was sick most of the time at sea. I feel a little guilty for enjoying it so much.

We came back just in time for the Christmas Rush. The tree is up and decorated. Most of my shopping is done.
We're having some friends over for Christmas dinner. That's going to be fun. I love cooking for a crowd.

Work is being an adventure. We just got bought. We're in the midst of a staffing crisis. Customers are asking all kinds of questions. We don't have answers to a lot of them yet.

But today I have time to read e-mail and live journal. And maybe play a little solitaire.

All in all. Life is pretty good right now.

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