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Self-Indulgent Whiny Venting

Ok, I know how lucky I am.
I know I have two beautiful, healthy children.
I know I have a gainfully-employed, well paid husband supporting me.
I knew before starting this whole parenting thing that it took lots, LOTS of energy. And time.
I KNOW I am over 50 dammit!

I didn't sign on to not being allowed to remark that I am tired, or that my knee hurts, or that my child is a handful today.
No, I have to smile all the time and say it is wonderful or I get reminded of how lucky I am.

I know you walked through hell and slept in purgatory to get your child.
And I know that you, over there, are a single mom with a barely adequate job and a couple of kids and you have to do it ALL yourself.

But, ya know, I didn't buy these children on the internet.
I had to go through all the same stupid, uncomfortable, expensive fertility treatments as you did.


Do you have ANY idea how humiliating it is to have to admit to Ghod and Everybody that you failed at the essential goal of your species?

So don't remind me of how lucky I am if I happen to mention that I am tired or would like a couple of hours to myself that don't include any poop.

And Please! If I comment that I am happy about something, don't tell me that I darn well should be happy given how lucky I am.

Ok, I'm done.
I feel better.

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