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dek9 has been kind enough to pass along out-grown clothes from her daughter to my girls. Since she has way better taste than mine this has been a fine thing.
This morning I was poking through the closet looking for something to put on Lady Godiva. I came across a pair of cropped jeans in a 2t size that Dawn had bought on clearance and T had outgrown before she had a chance to wear. (Have I mentioned that the sizing of childrens' clothing is random and irrational?) They looked about the right size so I pulled them out and tried them on her. They fit perfectly. I turned them over to look for more tags and stickers (there seem to be a great many of tags and stickers on clothes these days.) and the butt was embroidered with flowers in EXACTLY the same colors as the shirt I had already put on her.
I bought that shirt at a totally different store, also on clearance,
because it was a 24 mo size bodysuit. (All part of my effort to keep clothes on the child.)

So now she has an outfit!
Sheer Luck!



Jul. 25th, 2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
My kids lived in Onesies (or the JCPenney equivalent). In the summer, that was all they wore (and socks/shoes if we were outside -- somewhere there are pictures of L climbing all over a tractor in just a Onesie and a pair of shoes); in the winter we usually managed to get them to leave pants on. The advantage to onesies is that they can't reach the snaps, so at least the shirt stays on. And they're light enough that the kids don't feel hot. (T was/is very long in the torso, and the JCP shirts were long enough. They also looked a little more like Tshirts and not underwear. I have no idea if they're still available, though.)

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