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Home again...

We're home from FkO.

I am much better today. I was actually hungry. I played it safe and had yogurt for breakfast and chicken noodle soup for lunch.
Katie is having a nice long nap.
The promised rain has finally arrived.

It was a nice con. I wish I could have seen more of it.
Roper and I debuted our new duet, "Stuff". It seems to have gone over well.

I finished the garb in time for Tom and Sue's wedding. The family looked charming. (Well, Roper and Katie did. I looked like pumpkin pie with whipped cream, but I already owned the material so I used it.)
The wedding was beautiful.
Sue was glowing.
Tom was handsome.
The officiant was charming.
The "happy" was so thick you could taste it.
: )


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