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Pie Experiment Voted a Success...

I made another apple pie Yesterday. This time it was only one variety of apple, but had a graham cracker crumb crust and crumble topping.

The apples were Jonnagolds. I'm assuming, from the name, a cross between golden delicious and johnathan.
They were sweet but not insipid, had just enough tartness and kept their substance when baked.

The bottom crust was made from cinnamon grahams. The crumble topping was flour, sugar and butter. It would have been better If I had used brown sugar, but it was like a rock and I was in a hurry. Next time...

ANd the spice was Penzey's apple pie blend. They sent it to me as a sample. I like it a lot. "Hand-mixed from: China and Korintjie Cinnamon, nutmeg, mace and cloves."

I'm happy.


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