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Snow Day!

Yeah, I know. Katie isn't in school yet and I'm a stay-at-home mom, but it's still a snow day.

Roper is off in England. Katie and I can keep our own schedule.

The family room floor is ankle deep in toys and crumbs. I don't care, we're having fun.

We went out this morning for milk and bananas and such. I was amazed at how few of the major roads have been plowed. Rand Rd and Northwest Hwy were clean, but they are US rts. Dempster and Mt. Prospect Rd were a total mess. The little industrial park that is the shortcut to Randhurst was in beautiful shape. They must have a private service do theirs.
The advantage of being on a 1 block long cul-de-sac is that we get plowed early and often. A big plow wouldn't fit on our street. They do it in a pick-up with a plow blade.

Well, I hear that Katie has finally settled down to her nap so I am off to blow the driveway. Yum, what fun!


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