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The ten things meme...

dek9 tagged me. I hope I can actually come up with ten things.

1)When I was a kid I was so ticklish I took a bath with my socks on 'cause the water tickled.

2) Curley was my favorite Stooge.

3) In 6th Grade the social studies teacher once gave me a A for the class with a D for effort.

4) I am slightly dyslexic, and extremely nearsighted.

5) In 4th grade I was president of a chapter of the national Barbie Fan Club.

6) My first role on stage was Rumpelstiltskin in a 5th grade skit that I wrote with Mary Ann and Terry, my best friends at the time.

7)I learned to sew because I could never find clothes that fit me properly.

8) I am still friends with the girl my first boyfriend dumped me for. I have no idea what happened to him.

9)I have a small hearing loss in my right ear. Probably due to measles, which I had twice.

10) I am shy. I can get up in front of 100 people and make a fool of myself on stage, but I can't walk up to somebody I don't know and introduce myself. I suck at small talk.

Now I have to tag ten people.
billroper, jeff_duntemann, carolf, cary_lee, kestrals_nest,
katyhh, poltr1, spiritdance, sposter, whl

Now I have to go get the groceries out of the car.


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