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An answer to the quetion...

carolf asked a question. I figured I'd answer it here.

"5. Why didn't you pursue meteorology? How did you end up in banking, instead?"

When I went to college I was studying something I was interested in, not something I was necessarily good at. By the time I finished it wasn't the same field it was when I started. This was the mid seventies, and the beginning of cheap computing. Instead of taking readings and drawing maps it became about writing models that drew the maps for you. I'm no good with numbers. And it became all numbers.

I am, however, good with people. I spent some time in retail and then the answering service. I had a lot of fun with the people contact, but I wanted something with better hours and more respect.

People respect you more in banking, you have their money.
I enjoyed dealing with the people. I enjoyed solving problems, and matching account types to people's needs.

I'm glad I'm retired now, however. I loved most of the customers, but now the industry is all about sales. I don't like trying to sell people things they don't need.

I miss the customers, I miss my co-workers. I don't miss the bank.

Hope that answers the question.


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