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On top of it all...

It appears I have tendinitis in my thumb. The proper name is deQuervain's tendinitis. It is fairly common in new mothers. Dr. Bob says the worst case of this he has seen was a young lady who was a pharmacy technicion by day and a bassist in a rock band by night. Between opening and closing bottles and jars and picking the bass she messed up both thumbs.

I have a splint and an ice pack and the 4 weeks of not being alowed to lift should go a good distance in clearing it up.

Otherwise I seem to be healing well. I still tend to overdo just a bit, but every day I'm feeling a little better.



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Aug. 26th, 2007 05:16 am (UTC)
I had a bad case of deQuervain's tendinitis a couple of years ago, and it took months to finally completely go away. Hope yours doesn't persist as long! *hugs*
Aug. 26th, 2007 02:03 pm (UTC)
Hello fellow deQuervain's sufferer. ;-) Mine actually didn't flare up a lot after Gabriel was born, but I have in the past suffered the tortures of the damned with it.

Do you get regular massage? There's a spot in the front of the shoulder (sort of that hollow spot over and down from the collar bone) that offers a TON of relief for dQ. Other than that, the splinting and ice are always what help me. I hope the pain is brief!
Aug. 26th, 2007 02:04 pm (UTC)
Gah... it's early and I'm giving up caffeine so I'm muddle headed. I also ended up having cortisone in the wrist for it which helped me tremendously. I respond well to cortisone, and I can experience relief for years from one shot.
Aug. 28th, 2007 07:32 am (UTC)
I'm glad you are feeling better. Take care.
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