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It actually IS getting better

Four days into a 6 day work week, I have 41 hours on my time sheet. Last night I left work at 7:30 after being there since 8:00. And I wasn't exhausted. I woke up this morning and I did not ache all over. There are still thing I have to learn how to do, but I getting so I can ask specific questions and don't have to be lead through a process.
We are still in a bind staffwise. Janis broke her ankle and will be on sick leave 'till her notice runs out. Elaine has the flu. We hope to have her back today, but she was running a 102 fever when we last spoke yesterday so I'm thinking maybe not. But Greg, our manager, got authorization to post Janis's job internally. Getting somebody from another office, already as trained as we are, will make life MUCH easier.
Today is the last day to have the conversion team with us. They have been invaluable. We will miss them, but we need to stand on our own.

Well, off to the grind. Keep thinking good thoughts for us.

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