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A handfull of toes

Katie has discovered her feet. Her current hobby is lying on her back, trying to catch her feet. Right now she has a handfull of toes in each hand. Why she would rather suck on her own toes rather than eat the fine barley cereal I keep trying to give her?
She has been greatly enjoying the weather of the last few days when she can wave her naked feet in the air.
I must once again thank dek9 for the exersaucer. It's a pivoting sling seat surrounded by a circular table with a variety of bouncy rattling toy things attached. It set on a saucer so that it rocks and the legs have springs so that it bounces b bit with the child. I can set Katie in it and it will occupy her happily for 15 or 20 minutes so I can get some things done.

She still is drooling enthusiastically, but no teeth yet. I am trying to feed her cereal. She's pretty good about opening her mouth for the spoon, but most of the cereal comes back out rather than down her throat. It'll come with practice, I'm sure, but it's slow and messy going.

Right now I must go up and get her dry clothes. She had been napping and I didn't want to disturb her with a diaper change.
Well, a tardy diaper change usually leads to a wardrobe change.

How did I get so blessed? : )


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