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My Brainsludge answers

In case anybody was wondering, here are my annotated answers for the Brainsludge quiz.

1) The dog that ate the nylon stocking was Smoker. He was half poodle and half philanderer and looked like a small lab, topping out at about 55 lbs.
He was dumb as a stump and would eat anything. He was also very sweet and thought he was a lap dog.
This is in the liner notes for Seven Miles a Second.

2)My Middle name is Harriet. I was named for my grandfather, Harry G. Duntemann, who died a couple of months before I was born. This was a giveaway as I always sign my posts with my initials, GHR.

3)I have reltives buried in St. Johannes Cemetery on the grounds of O'Hare airport. It is in danger from Mayor Daley's expansion program. Also, one of my mother's older sisters died on the crossing from Poland and was buried at sea. As far as I know, there is nobody buried in my basement.

4)In college I majored in Meteorology with a minor in Environmental Studies.

5)I am a Cub Fan. That was an easy one.

6)I attended my first SF convention at 17, accompanying my brother and a bunch of his friends to Discon 2 in 1974. We drove to Washington DC in a car named Time-enough-to-rust.

7)I have been married twice.

8)The key word in this question is claim. I claim to have only flunked Spelling and Basketball. My spelling sucks and I did, indeed, flunk the basketball unit of high school gym call three years out of four. I only passed in senior year because they substituted a dribbelingtest for the free throw test.
As for the rest of the subjects, I'm not talking.

9)Katie Beth is named for my Aunt Kathleen and Roper's mom, Betty.

10)My current marriage is successful due to love, hard work and snappy repartee. But I tell people it depends on the continued health of my hibiscus tree. Roper bought the plant for me many years ago while he was courting his first wife. He had bought one for her and for himself. Mine survived. Hers died shortly after she moved in with him. I take this as a sign...

So, there they are. Hope you had as much fun with it as I did.


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