daisy_knotwise (daisy_knotwise) wrote,

Monday Morning Reflections

I'm not sure if it was the lack of distractions or the sunshine, but it was a rather productive weekend. I accomplished a lot of little things that I have been putting off. I'm working on a good sized project for Capricon. I's not done yet, but it is well on it's way. The office is quite a mess, with fabric scraps and bits and pieces all over the place, but work in progress gets like that.

I'm off to the bank shortly. As we are 5 days from conversion I'm sure it will be hectic and busy. Which is good because, otherwise I would be clock watching all day, counting down the minutes 'till I get to go pick Roper up from the airport.

Jeez, I missed him. This was the was the longest we have been apart since I moved in with him in 1993 and, I think, the longest we have gone without speaking in probably 22 years.
Hey, it's good for the soul, right?


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