daisy_knotwise (daisy_knotwise) wrote,

What are the odds?

So I decided I needed to take a break from the sewing machine. I went downstairs to trow together some dinner.
(Crab salad on crackers and some pepperjack cheese.) Because I'm home alone I put the TV on for background noise. The only thing mildly interesting was CSI Miami. I like CSI, but rarely catch the Miami one. Guess what? It was a re-run of one of the three I have seen this season. So I zapped around and forund the local PBS station was playing The Vicar of Dibley, (A rather cute Britcom about a rather unconventional small town Pastor. Who is a lady. And an ample one at that.) I have seen, like three episodes of this show, total.
Yeah, you guessed it, I had seen the one they played tonight.

Like is like that sometimes.


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