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OK, I must clarify!

I have not yet read all of the resopnses to my last post. I slept like crap last night, had to go to the eye dr. and have a very messy house to clean and deviled eggs to make. I will go back and finish when I am more clear headed.


I did not say nor meant to imply that "Cool Kids" are bad people. They are the people who sparkle.
Most of them are lovely people. They have to be or they wouldn't sparkle.
A small proportion take advantage of their sparklyness and dominate conversation or circles or are rude because they are easily forgiven because of their sparklyness. But that is a SMALL proportion.

If the sparkelers were bad we wouldn't want to be them.

They are the people who are noticed and remembered.
Sparklers tend to hang with other sparklers.
Some times they get so wrapped up in their mutual sparklyness, they make the rest of us feel left out. That's not their fault, it just is what happens.

You can't make yourself into a Cool Kid. You can try, but you usually end up looking like a pompous nit.

The frustration comes not from the fact that "they" sparkle, but that "we" don't.

I am not upset that "you" are a Cool Kid.
I am upset that I am not and don't know how to become one.
ANd that is nobody's fault but mine.
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