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You see, I have my hands over my mouth because I really can't talk about things. Not for a few days yet.
On the one hand there is something bugged up beyond all recognition but it isn't mine to talk about, and on the other is a project I have been working on that is going very nicely but is a surprise for somebody so I can't show it off yet.

Work this morning was really busy, but really kind of fun. When there were no customers in the lobby we yelled at each other. It helped relieve the stress.

And the Capricon Committee meeting this afternoon only lasted 2 hours. I got out in daylight and can enjoy some of this beautiful day.
Imagine, 54 degrees in Chicago. In February.

Well, back to the sewing machine.
When this is done my poor Necchi has a date with the repair man for a tune-up.


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