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as Roper reported bare moments ago...

We're back from Conclave.
It was a really good time.
The show went really well. I think this was one of our top 5 shows and certainly one of our top 2 audiences.
They laughed a lot. They got our jokes. They gave us good suggestions. And they sang.
We did "Who Am I?" with Bonnie as the guesser. She was sent out of earshot while we took suggestions and picked her identity.
When we requested someone go into the hall to get her back, they broke out into a chorus of "Bring Back my Bonnie to Me."
We sent sam out next. When we requested he return they sand a chorus of "Green Eggs and Ham." I didn't know anybody had set it to music. But a lot of the audience seemed to know it.
Appearently, there was some delay in recalling me during "Party Guests" as they couldn't decide what to sing. (I got a reprise of "Bring Back...")
I managed to get through all my lines in the one scripted bit I was in. (Despite my nerves. I suck at learning lines.)
The Star Treck B- Movie worked really well. It was reeeeeeeeaaaaalllly great having dek9 in the cast again. She does "blond" so well. Although her breasts are not fluffy as far as I can tell. daddy_guido did a fine job too.

Saturday night Roper and I did "Apology" in the filk and one of the fellows from Emerald Rose says he wants to learn it.

I'm starting to babble, I think I'll go to bed.



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Oct. 9th, 2006 04:18 pm (UTC)
In the interest of cyber-clarity
Thanks for the kudos, at least i assume you meant me, and not daddyguido who is a 21 year old that, as far as I can tell is even further over the line than i am, and no longer posts to his account.

the underscore, she is important, no?

Oct. 9th, 2006 04:28 pm (UTC)
Re: In the interest of cyber-clarity
Hey, it was 11 at night. I was going by memory.
Yes, I meant you.

How was your trip home?

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