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The Question for Today...

How do we put respect back in our culture?
How do we all learn to think outside of ourselves?
How do we re-learn to be self reliant?



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Sep. 13th, 2006 06:29 pm (UTC)
Wow. I don't have time today to give a thoughtful answer to these. But they are good questions.
Sep. 13th, 2006 06:54 pm (UTC)
I'm a little short on time, but maybe that will help me answer without reverting to my typical logorrhea:

1. Teach children manners and brook no objection, as we were taught when we were young.
2. This is more complex. For starters, read outside of your prejudices and your expertise. After that, remind yourself constantly that "being offended" is supremely childish and basically an adult tantrum thrown with words in order to get other people to either agree with you or be silent. I have worked hard for many years at being impossible to offend, and shucks, it worked.
3. Being self-reliant means not to rely on other people. This can be done with a certain amount of reflection on one's general modus operandi, follwed by disciplined refusal to pass things that we ought to do off on other people or organizations.

Must go now. Rolly chair in the basement bought the farm, and the one up here is limping. Need to go on a chair-buying spree. (One downstairs was bought in 1982. One up here was bought in 1988. Once my butt marries a chair, it's for life, though polygamy is permitted.)
Sep. 13th, 2006 11:02 pm (UTC)
1. Q- How do we put respect back in our culture?

A - a.Allow law-abiding and mentally competent adults to carry weapons in public that they have demonstrated in training to use effectively and handle safely.
b- over the vociferous protests of special interest groups, return to the mindset that Women, the elderly, and children should be revered and protected. Execute criminals that prey on them publicly, and messily.
c- Include "ethics" as a mandatory class for every year of public schooling. Such classes should be taught by representatives from every major religion, some athiest society or another, PFLAG, the local police department, The Boy and Girl Scouts, the VFW, and a day from every living grandparent of the students of the class.

2. Q- How do we all learn to think outside of ourselves?

A- Mandate public service (say, one day a month) from school-age children in soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Require any college degree program to include at least four weeks of service in a third-world country. Offer a tax credit for any adult who completes 100+ hours of community service through a participating agency in a calendar year.

3. Q - How do we re-learn to be self reliant?

A- define "self reliant". Most human beings cannot function well without interaction with others, making us inherently NOT self-reliant.
Many people I know are capable of survival in the wilderness for extended periods of time with very little in the way of starting tools, but I suspect that's not the direction you're going. Do you mean self-reliant as individuals? As a nation? As a global society?

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