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You'ld Think People Would Figure This Out...

In the couple of weeks before a convention where we are hucking, the kitchen starts to look like a warehouse. Orders come in and there really isn't time to put them away, but we haven't started packing yet.
This evening I was writing checks.
Folks, let me tell you. If you ever decide to put out an album, you are MUCH more likely to get paid promptly if you include an invoice. If I have to guess how much I need to write the check for, you may not get the right amount.

Recently, somebody shipped us some albums with the amount owed, broken down into $/unit, shipping and total and her address to send the check to, on a 2 inch square piece of brightly colored post-it note.
And she apologized for the lack of invoice!
No apology needed. I don't need fancy, I just need numbers.

What really aggravates me is one of the folks who sent no invoice will be the first to complain if a check does not show up by return mail.

Geez, guys, use your heads.


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