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Well, I'm done.

Today was my last day. I spent the day cleaning out my desk, filing things, helping a few customers, that kind of thing.
They brought in lunch and a cake. Gave me flowers and some goofy gifts. I'll post pictures when I can get Roper to teach me how. I was planning to leave about three, but things got in the way. I had just finished the monthly alarm testing and had two e-mails to send and a letter to fax when the system went down. We lost our teller system, our platform system and our phones. (They're all connected.) So we sat there and chatted and sent customer to neighboring branches. We were dead in the water. When the IT guy showed up to poke at it and announced that we would be down well past closing. They were drawing straws for who would get to stay with the IT guys and lock up when it really hit me. I usually was the one to offer. I live close by and have no kids.
But I had no keys and no alarm code. I didn't work there any more.
I packed my stuff in the car, (you accumulate a lot of stuff in 16 years) hugged everybody and headed home.
I'm going to miss that place. I'm going to miss most of the customers. I'm going to miss all my co-workers.
I'm not going to miss upper lever management and the stressed-out environment the place has become.
I made the right choice.
I'm just going to have to remind myself of that occasionally.


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