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Getting a Little Silly

So Leslie, the Customer Service Manager, is on Vacation this week. She normally does the schedules. In her absence, Greg-the-manager asked Jennefer to do the schedule for the next two weeks. She spent a day and a half working on the grid, trying to make sure we had appropriate coverage and everybody got their 40 hours, no more, no less. Except for me. She wanted to prove that we could have coverage and no overtime and give me only the 25 hours that I wanted to work. It was kind of sweet, actually. She finally managed to turn out two weeks in which I only have 29 hours, (a major improvement over the 35 I had been working.) I thanked her but reaffirmed my intention to leave.

This morning while I was in the shower she called and told me to come in at 12 instead of 11. Elaine didn't want to go to lunch that early so we didn't need the coverage 'till then.

Sigh. I also wanted a PREDICTABLE schedule.

Oh, well, she's trying to be nice.


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