October 20th, 2015


My Precious...

There are a lot computers in this house. My computer lives upstairs in my room. Running upstairs to quickly check e-mail or look up a recipe is not always convenient. Espically with two little girle who both want to be playing Minecraft. Roper's big laptop lives in the family room. It is convenient, but big and clunky and needs to be plugged in most of the time.
And this year the girls have a fair amount of homework that needs to be done on various websites. It is hard to monitor the homework and get anything else done. (except, maybe, folding laundry.)
So when Roper asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told him I wanted a medium sized laptop with a lot of battery that is suitable for web surfing. It doesn't have to be fancy, I don't play games. It doesn't have to talk to the printer. I can do that upstairs.

So, Roper did his google magic and found this laptop for a vary reasonable price. It does what I want it to do, isn't huge, and best of all, IT'S BLUE!

I'm happy.