October 18th, 2013

Movie Night...

Tonight was movie night at the school.  We trundeled over with lawn chairs and quilts. The movie was The Croods.  What I could see and hear of it was pretty funny, but I missed a lot. We're going to have to rent it some time.
Mostly I watched the ebb and flow of kids.  katie was on a mound of blankets and pillows with her little friends. Julie split her time between Katie's crowd, a couple of her own classmates, and daddy's lap.

We got home in time to see the Cardinals win game 6, 9 to 0.
They took the pennant and are headed to the World Series.

Julie is asleep on mommy's bed and Katie is downstairs with daddy, watching the post game revelry. (Or, most likely, asleep in daddy's lap.

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