August 23rd, 2013


The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life...

is rapidly approaching.
School starts for Katie on Monday. Yesterday we delivered her school supplies and met her teacher.
Mrs. O'Brian seems very nice.

This weekend I have to get Julie's supplies sorted and packed, and a lot of laundry done.
It is also the last days the pool is open. Weather permitting, we expect to go bo Saturday and Sunday.

We are schedualed to meet with the Kindergarten teachers Monday.  Julie is doing extended day K so she has two teachers to meet.
Mrs. Schaeffer is the K teacher at our home school, Terrace. Julie has already met her as Katie had her last year.
Julie will be doing afternoons at the Early Learning Center. Her teacher was one of Katie's last year. I have met Ms. Minella, but I don't think Julie has.
Kindergarten starts Wednesday. It's going to be interesting.

Tuesday afternoon Julie has an appointment with a pediatric dentist. She still needs to get that molar fixed.

Wednesday morning Roper will walk the girls accross the soccar field and the next great adventure will begin.

Crap, I said I wasn't going to cry.

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