August 17th, 2013


Back-To-School Shopping...

I have never been a shoe bunny. There have been times inmy life when all I had was a pair of dress flats and a pair of gym shoes.
Right now, due to my knee issues, I pretty much live in my new ballance 577s.
Some how, both my daughters are shoe bunnys.
After lunch today we went over to Payless to pick up new gym shoes for Katie. I figured we could hand down Katie's last-year shoes to Julie.
Ha ha ha, silly me.  By the end of much looking, trying on, sulking, and dancing each of them cameout with two pair., a pair of athletic shoes that may or may not be worn in the gym and another pair just because4 they are cute.
Katie has a pair of sparkly gold ballet flats and Julie has a pair of Perry The Platypus sandals.
At least they were on sale.