July 14th, 2013

Things You Notice At The Swimming Pool...

We went to the pool this afternoon. It was really crowded. We had to wait about 15 min to get in because it was at capacity. And that was at 4:30. I expect the line was a lot longer earlier in the day.
Teenage girls dress funny. I do not understand the functionality of layering two tank tops over your bikini top. Espically when the water has stretched the tops out so they look two sizes too big.
On the other hand, I think that enormous jams on little boys are cute.
And jams, in general, are way better than speedos.

And you notice colors. Like that shade of skin should never wear that shade of orange.
And that shade of skin should never wear ANy shade of yellow. And THAT shade of skin should get under the umbrella, RIGHT NOW!

ANd what, exactly, is the etiquette of exposed body art?  I see lots of intricate and extensive bady art. I was raised to not stare, but some of this stuff is just asking to be appreciated.

Right now, I notice I am tired and both little girls have fallen asleep without story or song.

SoI will bid you all a good night.

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