March 5th, 2013


Winter Wonderland...

The phone rang at 4:51 this morning. I managed to find it in the dark. It was the school district's phone robot letting us know that school was closed due to the snow that hadn't started falling yet.
Katie is fretting.This week her class is celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday. Today they were covering The Cat In THe Hat and were supposed to dress in red and white. She carefully assembled her outfit and is very disapointed that she can't show it off. She can wear it tomorrow, but that's an eternity away when you are 6.
Shortly, I have to go out to put gas in the car, return the library books, bring back some liquid caffein and finally have a couple of minutes alone.
I really NEED a couple of minutes alone.

ps: I still hate what they've done to the spell checker.
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