March 2nd, 2013


Starships Were Meant To Fly...

Roper has gone off to Consonance so we're having a chick-power weekend.
We had brunch at Gail's Carriage House.  The girls were perfect ladies.
From there we went to Target to look for Easter outfits. Cute dresses were aquired as were the rest of the parts we needed for Katie's outfit for red and white day.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing pirate and rearranging the toy shelves.
The "toybox" (read big pile of toys  randomly tossed about in the corner) was out of control. Roper ordered a couple of folding book cases to go in said corner and I am trying to assemble and arrange tubs and baskets of the appropriate sizes so that things will have a specific spot and can be put away.
(THis also gives mean excuse to go through the toys and dispose of some when nobody is looking.)
It's an ongoing project.
 Now I'm going to order Chinese food, and in a rare moment of absent husband, have it delivered.
And I can order the regular egg rolls instead of the veggie ones since Roper, who is allergic to shrimp, isn't here to get puffy and blotchy.
Ah, the luxury!

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Well, I Was Having A Good Day...

Then I tried to use the spell checker.
It seems to randomly remove letters and mess around with the curser placwement for no appearant reason.
I aplolgise for the randomness of my spelling.

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