May 17th, 2012

I Don't Want To Get Back On That Escalator...

Yesterday, I felt like crap. I got nothing done.
I was grouchy. I was listless. (I fell asleep in my chair when the girls and I took a break to watch the new Dinosaur Train.) I munched through the day.
Today, on an hour's less sleep I did five loads of laundry, put new slider feet on two of the kitchen chairs, swept, picked up a bit.
I ate responceablly. And I have enough energy left to post here.

The difference? Today, I drove through Burger King after dropping Katie at school and got a coffee, (small, one cream.)
If it stays at one small coffee in the AM I'm good with it. But I have a history of developing a tolerance to medication. I don't want to caffiene myself to the jitters like I did when I worked at the bank and it was there, free, all day.

We'll see.

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