May 10th, 2012


Bits And Pieces...

This morning, when I dropped Katie off at school, one of the teachers that we met at the open house last week complemented me on the girls' manners. I tend to think of them as hooligans, but appearently their company manners are good.
This made me happy.

Potty training proceeds on its herky jerky way. Katie has backslid a little, but Julie is making progress. Now, if I could only get her to remember to flush.

Last week we bought some plants for the container garden on the patio. Amongst the petunias and marigolds the girls each picked out a tomato plant. Julie's looked fine, but Katie picked out one that looked like "it needed love."
The good news is that once it was in soil and watered, it has perked up considerablly.
It's amazing how much they have grown since Friday.
We'll get more plants this weekend. We still have to do the front of the house.

Must go now, I have some shopping to do.
Most of Katie's leggins are capris now. Growth spurt girl strikes again.

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