March 11th, 2012

Home Again...

We're home. Had a good time for the most part. Not enough sleep.

Here, the crocuses have bloomed. I'm very happy that the rabbits didn't eat all the bulbs.

We managed to close Fuzzbucket in one of the bedrooms all weekend. I have stripped the bed and sprayed Simple Solution liberally as needed.

The Sky Boat performed well, except for adventures with the Nav system.

"Select State"


"Do you mean Indiana?"


"Searching Illinois."


Repeat a few times.

When we got off the highway and typed in the address it found things just fine.

Ah, well. Sometimes that new fangled technology has a few bugs in the system. Sigh.

Now I must fold and put away towels so I have a laundry basket to put the yuck bedding in.

Hope your weekend went well.

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