March 6th, 2012

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Prayer For The Big Wind

Thank You, God, for the wind that has visited us today.
For the gusts and blusters that teased last fall's leaves out of hiding and sent them, crisp and brown, skittering down the side walk.
Thank you for the new air that cleaned the staleness and smell of winter out of my rooms and my mind and my soul.

Thank you for the sun and deep water that made this wind, away accross on the other side of the world. And for the whiffs and tendrils of fire and rain and growing things that came with it from far away to remind us just how big this world is.

And protect us, Lord, our eyes and our shingles. For Your wind doesn't know its own strength as it plays with us.

Thank you, God, for this most amazing day. And this wind. As it carries my kite, and my prayer, to the sky.

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