February 2nd, 2012


Bits Of My Life Back...

Katie has been going to her pre-school class for two weeks now.
I have about 2 hrs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings now.
I still have Julie at home, but Julie is better able to amuse herself.
Today I dropped Katie off at school, picked up breakfast at Mac's, ate breakfast with Julie, and had a nice snuggle with her while watching Curious George. Then Julie made more conjectors out of the megablocks while I did some long delayed and very necessary house plant maintenance. The pothos in the kitchen window looks much happier, now.

After I picked up Katie I bribed the girls with popcorn to pick up the blocks and put the tubs away. They are now munching away and I snuck upstairs to sort laundry and check e-mail.
My space bar still sticks if I don't hit it just right, so bear with me.

But, all in all, a good day so far.

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Oh, Yeah, And A Request...

I'm helping out with kids' programming for Musecon this summer. One of the activities I'm working on is a live action Angry Birds game. If any of you out there have been gifted with AB plush and have gotten tired of it I'm happy to take it off your hands.
Or, if you see it on good clearance, let me know.