September 8th, 2011


The Soggy Saga Continues...

Tuesday Julie had diarrhea. By bedtime she seemed mostly over her tummy bug. Her spirits were good, here energy level normal, and no more poop events.
But when Roper went to put her in her bunk she felt warm. The thermometer confirmed a fever of 99.6. At 5:30 she came and crawled into bed with mommy and daddy. At 6:30 she announced that she needed to get up NOW. On her way to the bathroom she barfed spectacularly. Three or four times.
More sleep, more barf, more sleep. She's drank some weak formula, sent it back up. kept down some apple juice and a few Teddy Grahams. Spirits were good, energy level high enough to fight with her sister.

Today, her temp is normal. But she slept until 1:15. She drank and has kept down some water and juice. She won't eat her Teddy Grahams today because she is afraid she will barf them up. She is cranky and clingy. So I'm not getting much done.
But, dinner is in the oven. (I'm making a brisket. It can stay in the oven bubbling away as long as I need it to.)

I do have to do laundry, but I can take that slowly.

Every day is a new adventure,