August 28th, 2011

Dinner With The Capachino Boys...

Jerry and samwinolj came over this afternoon. In theory we had a rehearsal. In practice, with half of the cast elsewhere, all we could do was read through the script and talk some logistics.
Then came dinner. We took advantage of the absence of our picky eaters and cooked things we like.
(Well, the boys did the cooking. I mostly just told them where things were.)

We had salad, egg lemon soup, roasted red potatoes, grilled vegetables and lamb chops in a wine sauce with shallots and rosemary.
Major Yum!
I owe the boys dessert some time, but there was no room tonight.
My unadventurous daughters had lunchables for dinner and were playing computer games, so I was actually able to participate in real conversation.
My brain feels much better.

Since both Sam and Jerry are morning people they left about 7:30. The girls played in the driveway and I pulled weeds while twilight faded. The crickets took over from the cicadas. The air was cool and the breeze soft. When the first star appeared in the sky all I could think of to wish for were more perfect evenings like this one.

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