August 7th, 2011

Musecon, Day 2...

The girls and I just got back. Julie is asleep and Katie is rapidly winding down.
Today was a lot of fun. I spent a little time up in the kids' programming room while Roper sat in on the DADGAD class. Then he took over and I went and got a dulcimer lesson. After that was Eric and Lizzy's wedding. (Much happiness!)
We ducked out to Buona Beef for a quick dinner as Roper had to be back to set up for SOOJ's Concert. Julie fell asleep on the way, and slept right through dinner. I wasd glad I threw the umbrella stroller in the car yesterday.

Much to Katie's annoyance I settled down in the hall outside the concert room rather than going back up to the kid space. This time I wanted a chance to have some conversations.
The girls were restless until folks started showing up for the concert. Eventually there was a pack of Eighth Notes (my name for the Chicago area filk kids. Because they're short and fast.)running about in the hall. Eventually one of the older girls shepherded them up to the kid space for a pillow fight.
I actually got to talk to people. Real Conversations!

We'll be heading back tomorrow for a couple of hours. ANd hope to catch a couple of folks for dinner.

I am giving serious thought to helping out with the kids' programming next year. If I am going to be spending so much time there I might as well be part of it.

Well, bed is calling.

'Night, all!

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