July 2nd, 2011

Hello, Again...

I have managed to not post at all during June.

It suddenly became summer.
We've been to the pool a few times.
I have signed the girls up for swimming lessons in two weeks.
At this age it's just getting them used to the water and to the concepts of swimming. But that's OK.

We went to Las Vegas for Erica and Steve's wedding. The wedding was lovely. And a weekend away from home responsibilities was, (I feel guilty for admitting,) nice.

We went to Duckon. I had a good time and sales were good given the economy. But while Katie thrived in childcare, Julie was still having separation anxiety from the preceding weekend and was clingy. I was able to spend an hour or so at the filk Friday night, but Saturday night Julie crashed out on the way back from dinner and couldn't be roused.
If I had a stroller with us I would have packed her up and gone down stairs, but we stopped carrying the stroller a year ago, and have since given it away.
I may pack the umbrella stroller the next time we go to a con just in case.

We saw Green Lantern last week. I liked it. It didn't take itself too seriously, and I knew just enough about the comic that it all made sense. Besides, Ryan Reynolds is cute.

Julie apparently got tired of pushing the hair out of her eyes and cut bangs for herself. They're kind of short, but fairly straight. We'll see how they grow out.

Tonight we went to the Lisle Eyes to the Skies fest for funnel cake, retro rock and roll and fireworks.
The forecast today was for crushing heat, but the cloud cover left over from last night's thunder bumpers persisted 'till three or so in the afternoon and lopped 10 degrees off the top. The evening was humid, but there was a very nice breeze.

Julie dropped right off to sleep, but Katie, who danced her way through the concerts, was so wound up she didn't get to sleep 'till after 1am.

This weekend, we plan on taking it easy, hanging out at the pool, doing a few things around the house.
I could use a nice quiet weekend.

So, How are you?

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