April 6th, 2011

It's Been , um, Interesting Around Here...

Ok, We went to FKO and had a really good time. Then we headed home.
Lets see, Katie threw up all over herself twice. Roper managed to injure his knee. We're not sure how.
We did find a gas-station-car-wash-laundromat-convenience-store-ice-cream-parlor some where around Lancing. Katie's blanket got rinsed out and tumbled in a dryer while we had some really nice ice cream.
Upon coming home we discovered that the cat had peed on the bed. I thought it was because we were gone, but he did it again today and is listless, ruffled and clingy. The vet's office is closed Wednesday afternoon, so I hope to have him in there tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to vote and then pick up stuff for dinner.
On the way home my body told me to go to the bathroom, go directly to the bathroom. Do not pass go,etc. I felt better afterwards, but dinner didn't sit well. It's better today, but I have treated my tummy gently with toast and yogurt.

Then there was the trip to the ER.
The girls were running about, trying to delay bedtime. There was suddenly screaming and blood.
As near as we can tell, Julie fell and whacked her head on the floor. The stories disagree as to weather Katie had any hand in the trip and fall.
Julie will have 2 staples in her head 'till next Wednesday.
I hope she will let me wash the blood out of her hair tomorrow.

Well, that's the update.
I have to change a poopy pull-up, and some more laundry.


Well, that's the update.
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