February 2nd, 2011


Life In An Igloo...

I cannot see out the second story window of our bedroom because the screens are crusted with snow.

It is just a little surreal to be snuggled on the couch with the two little girls, eating strawberry shortcake and watching the snow lightening out the windows.

With the house lights off, the outside is very bright. I understand all the reasons why, but it seems wrong.

Husbands and small girls can't find things.

Dirtgirlworld, one of the programs on Sprout, creeps me out.

G'd night, Snowy World.

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Igloo Update...

Roper is out clearing the driveway. Even when he is done we can't go anywhere 'till they plow the street. At least our street has direct access to the arterial, The folks who live three or four sidestreets deep into the subdivisions may not be seen 'till spring.
When he opened the garage door the drift was up to his waist. At the street end of the driveway it's merely above his knees.

Thank Ghod the sun is out!

But tonight we're going into the deep freeze. They're predicting -10 for a low.

Well, I'm going to go make some hot cocoa for when my Frosty is done and comes in.

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