January 10th, 2011

$#&&^%* Weather Report...

Roper just called. The airline waited 'till after he checked out and got to the airport to cancel his flight.
He's rebooked for tomorrow at 10pm. Now he is looking for a place to stay.

As much as I missed being there, the thought of being on the roads with the girls in all this truely frightens me.

I'm going back to bed as I have been asleep about 3 hrs when he called.

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Funny How That Works...

Roper is the one that is snowed in, but it's the girls and me (I?) (Object of "it is". so me.) that are going bughouse. I love them, but being the only adult person here for four days is making me want to run off and be a hermit. Heck, I'd settle for 20 minutes in the bathroom alone.
Roper keeps saying that he's going to send me somewhere to make up for the weekends that he gets to go to cons and things, but the fact that he couldn't get Julie back to sleep the night that I crashed out early with the stomach bug last week bodes badly for that happening.
I came up to look at the Airtran website and I now have a little girl climbing my back because her sister is going to hit her. (No, I don't know why.) (It seems to be one of those "I'm not bad, you're bad!" conversations. No hitting has as yet occurred. Yet.)

Oh, and a dog that I have never seen and didn't know we had ate Julie's muffin. It is now gone and she wants another. She promises me faithfully that she did NOT throw it down the heating vent.

Must go now. Katie wants to send Daddy an e-mail telling him how much she misses him.

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