January 1st, 2011

Three Glasses Of Water, Two Asprin, And A Slice Of Bread...

We went to a lovely NYE party. The hosts and many of the attendees have kids. The kids played downstairs while the grown-ups chatted upstairs. It was very nice to have adult type people to hang out with for a while.
I noshed, I chatted, I giggled and drank more than I have ina a long time.

I'm not really feeling it, but I let Roper drive home anyway.
The girls fell asleep in the car. They barely twitched when we carried them into the house and up to their beds.
It was a good end to an OK year, and, I hope, a good start to a better one.

Ten years ago my mother was dying and I had pretty much given up hope of having children.
Now I am the mother of two bright, healthy, strong (if cussed) little girls.
I had a bad knee then, and I have one now. Oh, well.

As I said a year ago, may the coming year bring all that you hope and nothing that you expect.

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