December 2nd, 2010


So Far, OK...

As billroper has reported, Katie has lost her blankie, the Badi. We have checked all the places we stopped between having it and discovering it missing and no sign.

Katie has been upset, but distractable. To make bedtime a little easier last night I pulled out one of the other blankets she had as an infant. I had them in a spacebag in my parson's bench. Since I didn't feel like taking the time to reseal the space bag I just left them all on the bench in the hall.
This morning Katie came running into my room with a different blankie in her hands and said reprovingly, "You didn't say that there was a PURPLE one."

The purple crocheted blanket was a gift from Colleen Savitzky. But by the time it got to us Katie had already bonded with the Badi. So the little purple blanket languished in a drawer and then the spacebag for a couple of years.

Well, now it is tucked into bed beside a sleeping little girl. She still misses the Badi, but Purple Badi will do.

I feel better.

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